Troubleshooting non-Azure VMs with "Update agent readiness" saying "Not configured"

The problem

As mentioned in the title the problem I had was that a lot of my non-Azure servers showed with “Not configured” under Update Management on Azure. This seemed to happen after I upgraded the agent on these servers, after the old version hadn’t reported in for a while. This was all running with versjon 1.12.something, which I upgraded to 1.13.7-0. These servers that had the issue were all running CentOS 7.x, my Ubuntu demo server on the other hand seemed fine and dandy.

My troubleshooting

I did run trough searching google for answers as I usually do, but did not seem to find anything spesific about this that i felt was related to the issue I was having. I also looked through a lot of the logs located under “/var/opt/microsoft” and “/var/opt/omi” without finding anything interesting.

What I in the end ended up with doing was just reinstalling the omsagent.

First by running the install script with the option “--purge”.

[root@techie01 ~]# wget -O && sh --purge

Then by installing the agent again.

[root@techie01 ~]# wget -O && sh -w <workspace-id> -s <key> -d

After successfully redeploying the agent, this is what it looks like.

Also it startet to be reported double, but those duplicates will go away after a while.

Update 2020-07-28

So after a little while even the Ubuntu server failed, as it suddenly showed up as “Disconnected”, so used the same procedure to reinstall on it.

Other troubleshooting references

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